How will ACB help improve my business?

We can help your business prosper by providing you with timely, clear and concise information. What to a lot of people is the mundane job of the back office accounting function will be our responsibilty, allowing you to focus on running your business, taking the burden off your shoulders. The pace of technology has meant that it is even easier now for companies/businesses of all sizes, big or small, to outsource their accounting function, thereby freeing up space in their office and taking away an administrative burden on the management of the business. You no longer have to worry about finding, training and maintaining a bookkeeper or accounting staff, keeping abreast of latest changes in legislation. Nor do you have to choose, purchase and maintain accounting software. In short, you concentrate on your core skills and outsource the bookkeeping side to us.

Will I gradually lose control of my business?

Many people think of outsourcing as handing over control of part of their business to some external firm. We aim to do the exact opposite – your relationship with ACB gives you the opportunity to increase control because we provide you with accurate and timely financial information, allowing you to make sound business pro-active decisions.

How does the Book Keeping service work?

It’s very simple! You can either bundle your original documents together and send them to ACB, or alternatively simply scan your original documents and email the file to ACB. On receipt of your file, we will process your data and update your accounting records. Reports can be supplied according to your needs/requirements.