Shredding Your Business’s Bookkeeping Documents

When you decide to hand over your company bookkeeping and payroll duties to an outside firm you’re able to benefit from far more than simple financial services, as in most cases you’ll also be able to see to the security issues surrounding your documents at the same time, as well as making sure a plan’s in place for when you eventually need to have your documents shredded.

Though these two industries don’t appear like they would work hand in hand so harmoniously, reality proves that those needing to have their bookkeeping and payroll dealt with by outside sources also require that when their documents pass a certain date range they need to be destroyed to prevent any security issues in the future. In this situation, a shredding company will dispose of your documents on demand via means of your bookkeeper, who will, in many cases, know a professional shredding organisation who they work alongside for all their clients.

Staying Within the Law

One of the reasons many companies choose to work with a bookkeeper and payroll manager in the first place is so they can keep their company within the law, as even simple bookkeeping tasks can be complicated to business owners who aren’t used to performing them. In this manner, when you contact a document shredding company via your bookkeeper they can both advise you on how long you need to keep certain documents (in line with government guidelines) before they can be shredded, with them being happy to deal with anything that is past this timeframe for you.

Of course, if you know you need to have a large quantity of documentation disposed of you don’t need to rely on the recommendation of your bookkeeper alone. Search the web for a shredding company with good rates and which has all the security credentials you would expect from a professional firm. During the course of your search you’ll need to evaluate:

Customer reviews and testimonials: If the company themselves pick and choose what reviews they put online, you’ll want to search for these reviews and testimonials individually to uncover unbiased opinions surrounding their service, and indeed, their quality.

Whether they have links with your current bookkeeping and payroll company: If so, they will either be able to get you a reduced rate, or at the very least they’ll be able to give you an unbiased opinion on their quality of service, and how easy it is for them to work alongside them.

Pricing: Though the price of service is by no means the most important factor you should look into, it’s certainly something that does need to be looked into early on, especially if you’re going to need a large number of documents disposed of in quantity.