Why use a bureau




It does not matter what size business you are, wages costs usually form a large percentage of the running costs. As you grow, not only do you have to employ someone to carry out the various admin jobs, you also have the headache of who does the job when they go on holiday or what happens if they are sick?. Most firms cannot afford to have a ‘backup’. This is where we come in, our departments do not shut down because of holidays, sickness or maternity leave etc etc. Because we have more than one member of staff doing the same function the payrolls always get done on time, the VAT returns are rendered by the deadlines and we will always find time to do that letter that needs typing urgently.

By using our services you can put your efforts into producing profits rather than worrying about how you are going to keep pace with the paperwork and keep up with the changes in the various legislation that is levied on us continually by HM Government.

Most proprietors are surprised at the ease with which most of these headaches can be taken away, and the charges are not too bad either. For us to succeed we need you to prosper and we will do our best to assist you to achieve that goal.